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Avalon, NSW

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Mike Britton


0438 13 15 17


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The group is open to any man. There is no limit on age. In our group the youngest member is in his late 20′s and the oldest in his early 60′s.
A variety of ages, demographics and life experiences in welcome and a good thing.
The group is not a therapy group or support group. It is a group of men who get together to hold the space for each other to share openly and authentically and to receive feedback that is straight and compassionate.
We refer to it as ruthless compassion
Resources and structure
I am not wedded to the same structure we use but I do know that it works so would suggest that we start that way.
The group is 2 hours long, the meetings are fortnightly. it starts with a 10 men sit and then an around the room check in. Each man gets 10 minutes to share and receive feedback (they can use their 10 minutes however they like). There is generally the opportunity for men who need it to have some additional time to share if it is required. There are processes around the sharing, making eye contact, being succinct etc. All of that is covered in the field guide
The field guide can be downloaded from http://www.mensgroup.info/
We will hold the group fortnightly at the community centre adjacent to Dunbar Park Avalon. There is a small fee for hiring the room and this will split amongst the men (cost be will be nominal as I think the rental will be about $50 per month)
The group will be held fortnightly on a Friday starting  from Friday Oct 13 from 7:15am – 9:15am
Any questions or to register interest or a place pls call me on 0438 13 15 17 or email me at mike@etwgroup.com