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The Melbourne Men’s Group has been meeting each month since being established in 1999. We meet with the goal of building community, friendship and authentic relationships with other men. The Men’s group meetings are open to any man that wishes to participate – there are no religious affiliations with the Melbourne Men’s Group.

The group is a place where you can:

· be safe sharing feelings and viewpoints

· reduce isolation

· build authentic friendships

· speak honestly and openly without judgement

How we run the ‘Talking Circle’:

whoever holds the talking stick, ‘holds the floor’ and everyone else will listen – without comment
we encourage each man to share what he is feeling
each man raises his own issues, and what feedback, if any, he wants after the talking circle is complete.
the group makes a point of not trying to ‘fix’ anyone.
confidentiality – anything discussed stays within the room.
To nurture the health and vitality of the Melbourne Men’s Group we welcome new participants.

We also encourage Men to consider investing in personal development programs as a way of deepening insight, self-awareness and growth, and to help contextualise the Men’s group process.

This includes Men’s workshops such as the awesome Man’s Inner Journey workshop from which the Men’s Group was originally spawned (, The New Warrior Adventure (, Vision Quests (, Breathwork etc

Contributions to cover the cost of the Men’s group meeting facilities etc. are greatly appreciated.