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It’s all about hanging out and getting real with whatever the men bring into the room.

Men show up with who we really are, beyond past restriction. We laugh, listen and grow together in self-awareness. We are accepting, accountable and we want more out of life.

We don’t tell each other what to do or how to be. There is no pressure. It’s safe to share what’s up, question, comment or just say “Pass” when it’s your turn to speak.

We share our experiences, thoughts and feelings as we learn to respectfully challenge one another to be better men. We test-drive who we are in the room and we take the best of ourselves out of it.

Life doesn’t need to be ‘bad’ to come to a men’s group.

It’s a place to share experience, consciously change and grow with our highs and lows, listening and talking with authentic depth.

So if you want to:

. Feel more of a lust for life.

. Be more able to calmly respond to life.

. Enjoy more success as you enjoy life’s riches.

. Carry less anxiety, overwhelm, fear and isolation.

. Bring true clarity to who you really are and how to authentically ‘be’.

. Experience better relationships all ‘round: at work, home and ‘play’.

…then you’re welcome to sit in our circle of men and see if MenSpeak is a community for you.

MenSpeak runs open and closed men’s groups that have been successfully serving men for over a dozen years. We’re growing from strength to strength, with international media coverage and the lives of many men – and those around them – sustainably changed for the better.