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We meet every Wednesday night from 7-9pm. Discussion gathering centered on personal experiences & feelings related to living as a man in the world.

We call our men’s groups Integration Groups (I-Groups) – they are places where men integrate new skills, new experiences, and new perspectives on their lives. The group is also open to men who have not done the MKP New Warrior Training…

8-12 men meet twice a month on Mondays from 7.30pm-9pm. Sharing circle, check in, we have some guidelines which are read out plus the 12 principles found on the website,sharing, check out, close.

Our group is currently full, but contact us to see if we have a vacancy. 12 men meet every Wednesday from 6.30-9pm. Sharing circle solution-finding discussions. Some outside activities and excursions.

11 men meet every alternate Thursday at 7pm. This group is facilitated, with sharing/check-in, and discussion topics.