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Men’s Groups are by no means a ‘new’ phenomenon – there are some men who’ve been meeting regularly for more than 20, even 30 years. Today, there are likely to be many hundreds of Men’s Groups operating around the world, and more and more men are recognising the benefits of participating in a Men’s Group.

The problem is that access to these groups has thus far been restricted and limited to invitation, word of mouth, or association with one of the few organisations rallying the broader men’s movement.

This website aims to bring all Men’s Groups across the world – regardless of purpose, focus or structure – under one roof. In part, the purpose of this site is to highlight the strength and growth of the Men’s Group movement globally. But primarily the goal is to make Men’s Groups more accessible to men around the world.

Our belief is that when men participate in Men’s Groups they become more grounded yet lighter; stronger yet gentler; as they deepen their awareness of themselves and the way they live their lives, they become more able to manage their emotions and more at ease with expressing themselves. Men’s Groups support men to become the source of wisdom, purpose, compassion and inspiration they long to be, and that the world desperately needs.

If you’re a man looking for a Men’s Group, check out the map and see if there’s an open group in your area. And if you have a Men’s Group that meets regularly (even if it is full or closed to new members), we invite you to complete the form on this page and list your group on the global directory. Let men out there know that you exist and that you make a difference.


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