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5 to 7 in a group. One full group (Wed.6:30) and two with openings Mon 4 to 6 or Mon 6 to 8:30. Structure is borrowed from Native American traditions and those developed over 30 years of practice.

Open format mens group meeting wednesdays evenings.

We have been in existance since the early 90’s. Locally, we are about 45 men and consist of 4 Men’s teams of approximately 11 men each. The Initiation events we support are our own Nationally produced Legacy Discovery and also the…

We are an open men’s group that is a part of the Mankind Project of Santa Barbara.  All men are welcome to join us at our weekly meetings on Thursday nights from 6 to 9 pm.

The Huntington Beach Men’s Group is a no-fee organization for 10 men now forming in Huntington Beach, California.