Our Address:

Westbourne Park, Adelaide

Open or closed:

Open Group


The MIJ program offers monthly meetings of like-minded men with a view to building community and friendship through sharing our life issues. The group provides a place where you can:

  • be safe to share feelings and viewpoints
  • lessen isolation
  • build friendships
  • speak openly and honestly

We meet with the goal of creating a safe space to be ourselves and raise issues we face as men – all issues are open for discussion. Each man presents his own issues, and what feedback, if any, he wants from the group.

The group makes a point of not trying to ‘fix’ anyone. Confidentiality is assured – a meeting rule/agreement is that anything discussed in the ‘talking circle’ stays within the room.

There are no pre-requisites for joining the meetings they are open to anyone who wishes to participate.

The Adelaide group meets on the Second Tuesday of each month (7.30PM until 10PM) in Westbourne Park.