A mens group not currently accepting new members

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We have a full group of 9 men, but are always open to have men come and attend a one-off session with us to get a feel of how we work. Our group started in 2005. We have quite a robust structure that follows the Men’s Group Field Guide from…

Group is currently assisted by an outside facilitator and in process of developing protocols. Group meets every 3rd Monday and is closed for now but please contact Roni if you’re interested.

Closed group for Men of the TNT Tantric School

Basic structure and focus of the group: Witnessing to each other’s lives, with compassion, authenticity and support. Group meets every Tuesday 7-9pm.

Started in 2009, following on from a Men’s Wellbeing Common Ground program … we create and hold a space where men can speak their truth and be heard without judgement, advice-giving or interruption.