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We have a full group of 9 men, but are always open to have men come and attend a one-off session with us to get a feel of how we work. Our group started in 2005. We have quite a robust structure that follows the Men’s Group Field Guide from…

We meet every second Wednesday from 8-10pm and follow the structure of the Men’s Group Field Guide. generally meetings are held in Rosebery, Bondi Junction and Woollahra.

We meet every second Thursday from 7-9pm. We start with a sit in silence, then sharing and feedback, with physical exercise in between, following the structure of the Men’s Group Field Guide.

Mens Business aims to empower one another to be authentic, well balanced men in the community which in turn will flow into the world. Meetings every second Tuesday from 7-8.30pm. Suggested donation of $20.

Welcome to the ‘Band of Brothers’ – the name is unashamedly taken from the HBO series by the same title. For the unfamiliar, it dramatised the story of a close knit wartime outfit from the US 1st Airborne division. It represents, to me,…